Your big date is coming up and you are worried about that pimple? Leave this for your photographer’s editing skill and start to prepare yourself for more important issues.


Yes, we always hear the importance of hydrating but here is a thing, it’s all true! When you are getting proper amount of water, your skin will be grateful, and will appear on the pictures. Start increase your water intake at least a week before your session and your skin will be glowing. Trust me on this one.


I tell my clients all the time, how important to get enough sleep before your session. Everything is easier, faster when you are well rested and feel pretty. Please don’t go out the night before your session, and if you have trouble for recovering, I recommend not to go out at least days before the session. Also, alcohol is not your friend when it comes to photography even if it’s just a little hangover. If you are not well, camera will shows. Your photographer is not a magician. We can edit but you have to do your part. Just come and be pretty, takes what it takes, you know your body better but don’t ignore what it tells to you.

Don’t try out new things

You want to do your best. You book a hair stylist and you may try a new color or style but be careful there, you may won’t like it… and then your photo session will come and you won’t feel confident, or even hate the whole thing.

Stay with the good and safe old habits before your session. You should definitely try out new styles if that’s your desire and maybe you will even love it and then you can always book a new session with your photographer, but don’t take any risk if you can’t handle it.

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