Planning the outfit (for the whole family) can be daunting. However it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips for you to help pick out the outfits for the entire family.

Be comfortable! Always choose clothes that you are comfortable in. You might be asked by the photographer to sit down on the ground, lean on a tree or even jump… You don’t want to adjust your clothing often, especially if you have a mini session booked, this is the last thing you want to spend the time with. So choose something comfortable that reflects your personality as well.

Patterns: They are great, but can be distracting. Try to avoid them for the photo shoot. If you insist, you can choose one person who can wear patterns but the rest of the family shouldn’t.

Logos, graphic tees. They are also very distracting in the overall photos. Try to avoid them.

Accessories: Don’t be afraid to use any… Scarfs, hats, boots, always looks nice on the pictures.

Let’s talk about colors!

Since most of the sessions are photographed outside in parks, those places have a ton of green and brown already. I don’t recommend to wear those colors. Try these color groups instead. Choose one of the groups and build the whole family’s outfit around that.

Blues: navy, light blue, black, white

Neutrals: white, light gray, light blue, tan/khaki/beige

Moody colors: Olive green/mustard yellow, white, navy, black,

Here are some outfit ideas for each family member!


  • Flowy Maxi dress (can be a pattern just remember ONE pattern per family looks best)
  • cute top/sweater with black, colored, or dark blue jeans
  • Scarf/Hat
  • Ankle boots or flats


  • Button up shirt
  • Sweater
  • Dark jeans or Khaki pants
  • Brown shoes or boots


  • Dresses with tights or leggings (to stay warm & looks adorable in pictures)
  • Sweater or cute top and Dark jeans
  • Cute boots
  • Scarf/hat/jacket


  • Buttoned shirt
  • V-neck sweater
  • Jeans or khakis
  • Brown shoes or non colorful shoes, boots. (preferably not sneakers)
  • Jacket

For more inspiration you can always check Pinterest or Google. Just type: outfit ideas for fall family photography.

And finally here are some TIPS & TRICKS to help your session go smoother!

For little ones (or even adults!) eat or bring a snack before your session.

For moms: Like I mentioned before, be yourself and be comfortable for the pictures. However a little make up always pops up in pictures. Before the session, give yourself a little extra time do your makeup & hair, it really makes a difference. (Only if you never wear make up then don’t try it just for the session because you will not feel yourself. )

For babies and little kids: Bring an extra outfit just in case there needs to be a quick change!

Bring a hair brush & hairspray for last minute fixes.

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